What is Calcium and Role of it ?

Calcium has been identified as a very important mineral for human beings and has several proven health benefits. In fact calcium has been recognized as the most abundant mineral that is available in our human body. A wide range of biological roles have been linked to this abundant mineral. Calcium has been known to account for almost 1.5 % of total body weight of a human being. The maximum amount of calcium is present in the bones and teeth and in fact, in these parts of the body, almost 99 % of the calcium is stored. The remaining 1 % of the calcium remains distributed in the different parts of the body.

Clinical research has proven that a constant supply of calcium is important throughout the entire lifespan of a human being. This is because the mineral plays specific roles in different phases of life starting from childhood till the adulthood.
  • The most important role of calcium has been found to be associated with the strengthening of bones and teeth. In fact the deficiency of calcium has been found to be a risk factor for a bone disorder called Osteoporosis.
  • Calcium also plays a very important role in regulating appropriate functioning of the body muscles such as muscle relaxation and muscle contraction. Another extremely important health benefit of calcium is associated with regularizing the normal functioning of heart. The primary role of calcium in this regard is linked to regulation of the blood pressure. In fact, research proves that if an individual lacks sufficient calcium, then he can be expected to have a high blood pressure. Calcium has also been identified to play a significant role in blood clotting.
  • Calcium has also been recognized to play a significant role in the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Calcium also is important for the appropriate functioning of the various body enzymes. Thus, enzymatic activity related to regulation of digestion, metabolism, energy generation also significantly involves calcium.
  • Amongst the other important functions is its role in the immune system, prevention of periodontal disease, as a supplement in pregnancy and lactation, etc.


Source: newsmax.com