The Mantras These 11 Yogis Use When The World Feels Upside Down

Your alarm goes off. It’s Friday—usually your favorite day of the week—but instead of leaping out of bed and getting ready to end the week with a bang, you hit snooze. You pull the covers over your head, allowing yourself to spend 10 more minutes in your cocoon of sadness.

Whether you’ve had a rough week or a hard year, funks happen to the best of us. While allowing yourself to feel sad is certainly part of the healing process, it’s also important to have a plan of action for pulling yourself out of it.

So we decided to get in touch with 10 of our favorite yogis to find out what they tell themselves when the world feels upside down. Here are the mantras they use.

1. Elena Brower


“Tolerance is divine.” —Yogi Bhajan

Which is to say, when it all feels terrible and like it’s going awry, to tolerate and respond with care and love is truly divine.

2. Koya Webb


When doors slam in my face and the world seems upside down, instead of staying in a funk, I ask the universe “If not that, then what?” This mantra keeps me optimistic and confident that what’s meant for me will come to me and what’s not meant will fall away. It helps me practice nonattachment and letting go while still being open to receive.

3. Sara Quiriconi


“Changing what you cannot accept, or accepting what you cannot change.” This quote gives me the power to take charge in my life of what it is that isn’t going right, instead of feeling like a victim, and also allows me the space to accept and let go if it’s something that is truly beyond my ability to alter.

4. Fern Olivia


“I will not be shaken. I am grace.” This affirmation reminds me that whatever happens to me or around me can’t penetrate the grace within me. I will move through all trauma, stress, or unfortunate circumstances with as much grace and strength as possible, holding the space for positivity around me.

5. Heather Lilleston


One of my favorites from Pema Chodron is that we think we know when something is good or bad, but really we don’t know. Things that seem bad often end up good and vice versa. We just don’t know, and the key is to not get caught in a rigid perspective.

6. Caley Alyssa


“Does it limit or liberate you? Does it raise or reduce your energy?”

7. Morgan DeYoung


The one I’ve been telling myself most lately is, “The only thing constant is change.” We are always adjusting to a “new normal,” per se. And if we view it through that lens we tend to see our current situation in a more positive light as opposed to dwelling on the what-ifs or could-have-beens.

8. Sasha Nelson

When things feel sticky, I do my best to be in the moment so I can see it as clearly as possible. Sitting in discomfort is a very interesting time to observe an experience. I find that when I give my dis-ease unbiased attention instead of pushing it away or letting it control my well-being, I can often better learn from what is going on. It does not always go how I intend, but I do make an effort to let myself feel what I feel and ask what I can learn from the situation. I suppose my mantra would be something like, “Feel, observe, breathe, onward.”

9. Tara Stiles


“Follow how you feel.” For me, it’s a process about getting sensitized to how I actually feel so I can see clearly enough to believe what I feel and respond accordingly. When things feel upside down, I’m usually too sped up to act well. It has a lot to do with slowing down and listening and taking things from there.

10. Georgina Berbari


“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

11. Lauren Imparato


“Thank you, life.”