How to Avoid Depression!!!

It won’t be wrong to say that life in the 21st century is revolving around an element which has influenced it the most and it’s Information Technology. Consequently, this world has become even faster and a tough place to live. Living a fast life full of struggles has led people affected by a mental illness which is depression. There might be a lot of reasons causing depression but the lack of earning opportunities, keeping pace with the world and managing time are topping the charts. Depression affects not only the person himself but also to the people in his surroundings, to a good extent. It has been researched by Anxiety and Depression Association of America that every year almost 15 million people got ambushed by Depression.

That’s a terrifying statistic. So keeping such statistic in mind, there must be steps taken to avoid Depression. So, the purpose of this article is to let the reader have information about those steps which he can take to defeat depression. So without further delay, let’s have a look at them.

  • Regular Exercise
    It doesn’t matter for which reason you contact your family physician, he’ll recommend you to take exercise regularly. This can help us to understand the importance of Exercise for our body. Now before we understand that how exercises help us to reduce stress and depression. Let’s understand its common effects on our bodies.
    It increases the body temperature and when sweat of body comes in contact with air. It produces not an only cooling effect but also calms the central nervous system. Furthermore, exercise enables to burn extra fats in our bodies and release of several toxins out of the body. So if someone is feeling toxic free internally, definitely it’ll reduce the trigger of depression causing agents.
    It doesn’t matter what should be the time to do exercise. The main purpose is to burn the fats and depressants out of your body and to live a healthy life.
  • Cut Back on Social Media
    Researchers have found out that social media is one form of addiction. It can be found that now people are much more connected on to the social media instead of their real life. The reason is that users of social media increase the production of a hormone named as “Dopamine”. It is directly linked to the demand of anything by a man. This excess of dopamine could also lead the person to be ambushed by depression.
    It’s not advised to cut off entirely from social media but one person could reduce the time being spent on Social media. Try to delete all unnecessary games and applications which are consuming much of your time. This will reduce the production of too much dopamine inside your body.
  • Pay Importance to your Relations
    As we mentioned that the reduction of social media usage could lead you to fight well against depression. Unlike it would be suggested that to increase your social activities not on social media but out of it in your real life. Start giving time to your friends and family to avoid depression. It has been found from a research that speaking with a person who’s close to you face to face at regular interval of days could reduce the stress which ultimately reduces the depression. Furthermore, development of new healthy hobbies and relations with new people could also give your mind and body a fresh boost.
  • Proper Treatment
    It doesn’t matter that you’re an old victim of depression. It’s not a big deal until or unless you’re not paying a proper visit to your doctor. It’s very important to go the doctor regularly to update your treatment. The doctor will prescribe you the proper medicine as well as a diet which will help you to cope with Depression.
    As mentioned above that a majority of doctors suggest taking regular exercise in order to avoid any sort of stress, especially chronic stress which could ultimately make you a victim of Depression.
    It’s a famous saying that “A healthy body contains a Healthy mind”. So if you see in your surrounding that all of the fittest people have a strict and punctual routine. They eat well, sleep well and keep on repeating their healthy routine, thus giving them a great body and a fresh mind. Obviously, you can’t expect a fresh mind to be oppressed or depressed by anything.
    Doctors pay a lot of attention on a diet plan of every patient. It doesn’t matter that which disease has been affecting him at that moment. They prescribe organic food, fruits, and vegetables. Furthermore, they pay a lot of emphasis on having a proper sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours to have a fresh mind. So, the essential ingredients of these food items accompanied by a proper sleep would leave a lasting impression on your body and leave you with nothing but a good, fresh, healthy and depression free mind.
  • Keep Good Company
    If you have a good and positive people in your surroundings, you must be highly thankful to the almighty Lord. The reason is that when you’ll be having a good company of highly energetic and optimistic people, you can’t be outrun by depression. The reason is that if someone is loyal to you, he won’t be able to see you in grave depression or stress. He will keep on asking you to share your troubles with him so that he could help you to calm your nerves. The reasons behind such a beautiful attitude of people are that they love and care for you and indirectly they won’t allow depression to take a place in your life.
    For that purpose, you need to analyze the people in your surrounding and then need to filter the bad ones out. You need to cut off from the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Similarly, you need to see that if somebody is spreading wrong rumors about someone else, you’ll know that he’s not a good person. So evacuate them from your life.
  • Reduce Alcohol and Drug Usage
    This article has laid emphasis on healthy activities. Similarly, it will also emphasize to quit unhealthy activities like consuming too much alcohol or any other addiction causing drug. These drugs include Marijuana, Caffeine, Morphine, Heroine and likewise. Similarly, all sort of Alcoholic drinks is fatal for your body.
    As soon as they will affect your body, ultimately it’ll start making you victimized by other diseases and which could also take you to the state of constant depression. Avoid using them.