What Causes Clitoris Swelling

Feeling the clitoris swelled and sore is something that happens to many women, but given to the high sensitivity and delicateness of this area, it can cause worry when it happens. Discomfort and swelling in the clitoris can be due to many different factors, we’re going to list some of the most common.

Read this article to find out the causes of clitoris swelling and learn when it’s advisable to consult your gynaecologist.

The clitoris is an important female erogenous zone and during arousal this area expands its size because it fills with blood as a reaction to the situation that generates excitement.

So if you have noticed that your clitoris becomes swollen when you get excited or immediately after masturbation or sexual contact, know that this is completely normal and not a situation to generate alarm or concern.

Some types of vaginal infections may also cause clitoral swelling. In these cases we will notice that the area is swollen and sensitive for no apparent reason. Other symptoms such as itching in this area and in the vagina and sometimes a burning feeling are signs of a fungal or bacterial infection.

The best practice, if this ever occurs to you, is to visit your gynaecologist for a check up and to receive prompt treatment. If you have suffered from vaginal infections before then you can apply the same treatment you used in the past to treat it.


However, there are other reasons for clitoris swelling that are not so worrying and that you can solve by yourself at home. Some of the reasons are the following:

  • Stuck hair: Sometimes a pubic hair may get stuck by the clitoris, this may cause friction and will therefore make your clitoris swell. If this happens, try to locate the loose hair and pluck it out. To do it properly, check our article on how to get rid of ingrown pubic hairs.
  • Bartholin’s cyst: Another reason for the clitoris to swell is the formation of a cyst which may block the formation of lubricant in the clitoris area. Apply lubricant to ease the pain, but visit a specialist if this condition persists.If you need more information, visit how to treat Bartholin’s cyst.
  • Allergies and rubbing: Sometimes, certain items of clothing can cause allergies or irritation due to rubbing in the area. Try wearing cotton underwear and avoid very tight knickers.

One of the most frequent reasons for prolonged inflammation in the clitoris is very strong or excessive sexual contact which makes that area remain extremely sensitive and slightly swollen for longer than usual due to the blood supply and rubbing.

In such cases it is advisable to discontinue sexual activity until this discomfort disappears. Similarly, it is advisable to control the force applied during friction and penetration.

It is important to remember that the clitoris is a sensitive area and must be stimulated with care during masturbation or sex. Violent stimulation can cause swelling and discomfort in the area.

If after or during your sexual encounters you suffer, besides the typical swelling, pain in the clitoris you should visit your gynecologist for a check. If you feel your clitoris swollen and experience some discomfort you can try these remedies to reduce inflammation. Additionally, if a clitoris inflammation persists over five days or a week it is also advisable to visit a specialist.


Source: health.onehowto.com