Do you want to add superfoods to your diet? Would you like to have something amazingly healthful and revitalizing on a daily basis? Then you probably must look for Aronia berries.

The Chokeberries or the Aronia berries are gaining popularity among the health conscious generation who are keen to add superfoods to their diet. These dark and small berries belong to the Aroniamelanocarpa plant and are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Also, they come with loads of health benefits. Would you like to know more? Do keep reading!

How Is Aronia Berry Used?

The berries are used to make syrup, wine, juice and jam. You can also snack on the dry Aronia berries that are easily available at any health food store. Adding them to any baked goodies such as muffins or using it with your muesli breakfast increases the nutritional value of the meal.

Following are the health benefits of Aronia berries:

1. Rich In Antioxidants:

Aronia Berry is known for its strong antioxidant properties. Rather, these berries contain the highest antioxidant capacity among other fruits and berries. The high level of phenolic compounds and vitamin C is supposed to attribute this property to the Aronia berry. According to a study report published in the European Food Research and Technology, Journal of 2005, both the berries and juice of Aronia contain dominant phenolic compound groups, the anthocyanins and proanthocyanins, in large amounts.

Antioxidants protect the body against degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer and slow down the process of aging. That is why, Aronia juice is recommended as a part of the anti-wrinkle diet. The berries offer protection against harmful environmental pollutants, UV rays, tobacco smoke and factors that produce toxic free radicals in the body.

2. High In Fiber:

Aronia berries in dried form are packed with fiber. Every 100-gram serving of these berries provides around 16 to 17 grams of essential macronutrients. The body, unlike the other macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, does not digest fiber- it instead lets it pass through the digestive tract. That is why it is very much helpful in regulating bowel movements, weight loss, managing cholesterol levels and improving bowel health. It also reduces problems and risks related to blood sugar levels. Aronia berries should be used in a dried form to get the maximum benefit of its fiber content.

3. Cancer-Fighting Properties:

Aronia berries are extremely beneficial in reducing the risk of developing cancer. Moreover, it is also an ultimate winner when it comes to providing cancer-fighting properties to the body. A team of researchers from the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland, when used the extracts of bilberries, black Aronia berries and grapes together for chemopreventive activity against colon cancer, found out that all the three extracts helped inhibit the growth of the cancerous cells. But the extract of Aronia berries was the most effective inhibitor.

4. Cure Against Cold:

If you are vulnerable to catching flu and colds, then you should certainly try out a flu and cold prevention diet that includes a daily intake of a spoonful of dried Aronia juice or berries. Potawatomi Indians have been using these berries traditionally to cure colds. Recent research studies also have confirmed that the berries contain anti-viral properties and help to control the viral activities caused due to type A influenza virus and bacterial infections caused by Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

5. Treats Urinary Tract Infection:

Quinic acid is a type of sugar compound that is present in many fruits and berries including the Aronia shrub. These berries are loaded with quinic acid, which, according to the researchers, is highly effective in treating urinary tract infections. Surprisingly, many nutritionists believe that Aronia berries are much more effective in treating UTI than cranberry juice, which at present is touted as the king when it comes to curing UTI.

6. Good Source Of Iron:

100 grams of dried Aronia berries contain 93% of the recommended daily iron intake, which is an important trace mineral that regulates metabolism, boosts the immune system, maintains endocrine and brain function and increases energy levels. Eating Aronia berries, dried or fresh, is a good idea to make up for your iron deficiency.

7. Increases WBC:

Dried 100 grams of Aronia berries contain around 34% vitamin C, which is an important water-soluble antioxidant. It synthesizes collagen, boosts the white blood cell corpuscles (WBCs), and protects the body from diseases and infections. The WBCs are the fighters of the body that stop the pathogens from attacking the working of your body system.

8. Fights Cardiovascular Disease:

High levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause blocked arteries leading to increased risk of heart diseases. A research utilizing Aronia berries concluded that the patients of cardiovascular disease showed marked improvement in the bad cholesterol oxidation. Health experts have found out that all types of berries including the Aronia berries are extremely beneficial for the health of the heart, and should be included in the daily diet in different forms such as jams, jellies, juices, and tea.

9. Decreases Inflammation:

Long-term swelling leads to tissue damage causing the onset of several illnesses including arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease. The Aronia berries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and if your diet regularly features these berries, you can see a visible reduction in the swelling in your body. A research carried out in Bulgaria has demonstrated that the Aronia berries can significantly reduce the swelling caused by serotonin and histamine when regularly included in the diet. The anthocyanin flavonoids in the berries help to reduce inflammation and swelling.

10. Regulates Blood Pressure Levels:

Aronia berries have been found to be beneficial in keeping the blood pressure at normal levels. These berries with the darkest pigment avoid spasms within the blood vessels and regulate the blood pressure levels, ensuring that they never touch the danger levels. Doctors recommend a daily intake of Aronia berry juice or tea to combat the issues related to high blood pressure and the circulatory system.

The Aronia berry extract can be derived directly from the berries. You can buy the extract or juice even from a local grocery store. But make sure that you are buying the organic and high-quality version to get the maximum benefits. If you are allergic to any form of tea or potions, consult your health expert before starting the Aronia berry treatment. Making a cup of Aronia berry infused tea a part of your daily life will go a long way in keeping you healthy and free from any diseases.

Source: skintreatmentz.blogspot.mk